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Fields of Activity

TECHNOCON’s more than 20 years experience in wastewater treatment was the basis for starting management and consulting activities aimed at small and medium sized wastewater treatment facilities. The first long term contract for the management of a municipal wastewater treatment plant was signed in 2002.

Management and Consulting

Abwassergebühren in Euro pro Jahr für einen 4-Personen-Haushalt in 28 GGemeinden (Südniedersachsen)Sewage charges in Euro per year for a 4 person household in 28 communities (South-Lower Saxony)


Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Optimization of a WWTP Optimization of a WWTP

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

CLR Bioreactor in the pulp and paper industryCLR Bioreactor in the pulp and paper industry

Research & Development

Nozzle AeratorNozzle Aerator


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