High Performance Compact Bioreactors

High Performance Compact Bioreactors

TECHNOCON has a worldwide unique experience with high performance biological treatment processes called CLR (Clausthal Loop Reactor) and CJR (Clausthal Jet Reactor). We hold the international patents and own comprehensive know-how in their design and operation for wastewater treatment. Worldwide full-scale plants (about 30) with maximum reactor volumes of more than 1,000 m³ are treating different wastewaters (chemical, food, pulp and paper, slaughter house effluents etc.).


  • High performance with very active bacteria (VSS up to 20 g/L)
  • Small reactor volume (up to 40 kg COD/m³·d)
  • Simple and compact construction
  • High oxygen transfer rate (up to 3 kg/m³·hr)
  • Air dispersion by low-wear and robust two-phase jet nozzles
  • Fast adaptation of the biocoenosis to wastewater fluctuations

Clausthal Jet Reactor (CJR)


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