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Our philosophy

In TECHNOCON GmbH, we look forward to…

a mutually beneficial business relationship. Therefore, we maintain a side-by-side work philosophy from the project’s conception until its completion. As a result, our technology is being used in almost 20 different industries and with over 60 full-sized plants successfully installed. 

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Morawe

Chief Executive Officer Technocon GmbH

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Operation problems? Looking for expation in your technology solution spectrum? We’re ready with customized solutions and immediate answers.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Biosolids Conditioning & Treatment


Compact Solutions

TECHNOCON GmbH holds two patents: our CJR high-perfomrance aerobic wastewater treatment system and our high-performance digester (HPD) for the treatment of organic waste and sludge.

Clausthal Jet Reactor

TECHNOCON has a worldwide unique experience with high-performance biological treatment processes called CLR (Clausthal Loop Reactor) or CJR (Clausthal Jet Reactor).

High Performance Digester

The High-Performance Digester (HPD) is a plug-flow type reactor implemented for the anaerobic treatment of sludge and organic residues from different industries (agriculture, livestock).

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