High-Performance Compact Reactor

Clausthal Jet Reactor (CJR)

The high-performance biological compact reactor, called the CJR (Clausthal Jet Reactor), guarantees a remarkable oxygenation transfer rate of up to 3 kg O2/m3h (conventional aeration process up to 0,2 kg O2/m3h). In addition, during the biological process, it can achieve an oxygen utilization rate of up to 50 % and a bacterial activity content of 70 %. Compared to conventional treatments with an oxygen utilization rate of up to 15 % and a bacterial activity content of 35 %.

The CJR reactor uses a circulation pump that transports the mixed-liquor through a pipeline straight to the main element, a two-phase jet nozzle. One phase consists of mixed-liquor, and the other is air injected into the reactor as microbubbles. Due to the high velocities, the floccules become smaller making oxygen from microbubbles more available to bacteria.

Worldwide over 40 full-scale plants with reactor volumes of more than 1,000 m³ are treating different wastewaters (chemical, food, pulp and paper, slaughterhouse effluents, etc.).

Reference List
Reference List



Type of
Flow Rate
CJR Volume
Land &
Pulp (Process)24,0003,0001,200 + 800 Norway, 1993
Municipal (Mixed)45,000450 (220)1000 x 4China, 1994
Meat (Slaughterhouse)1,400(2,800)50 x 2Korea, 1997
Pig Farm (Manure)40(5,000)20Korea, 1998
Chemical (Process)1,700500960 x 2Korea, 2000
Pig Farm (Manure)1001500320Korea, 2001
Chemical (Pesticide)30011,000160 x 2Korea, 2001
Fish (Washings)800(800)160 x 2Korea, 2001
Fish (Washings)900(1,500)60 x 2Korea, 2002
Food (Process)200(500)100Korea, 2003
LCD (Process)40018,000320 x 2Korea, 2003
Food (Process)50012,00055 x 3China, 2003
Paper (Process)4,000(1,200)320 x 2Korea, 2004
Chemical (Process)2,4005,100960Korea, 2004
Food (Salt=2.5%)50(5,000)20 x 2Korea, 2006
High Oven (Steel)12,0002502,720 x 2Korea, 2006
High Oven (Steel)8,0002501,840 x 2Korea, 2006
Food (Process)10020045Korea, 2007
Petrochemical (Process)83018,000340 x 2Korea, 2007
Chemical (Pharmacy)200(6,300)230Korea, 2007
LCD (Process)1,650(7,200)640 x 2Korea, 2008
Food (Process)40(2,000)20Korea, 2008
Petrochemical (Process)8105,300260 x 2Korea, 2009
Chemical (Auto Painting)520(343)48Korea, 2009
Pig Farm (Manure)1,1962,2932,450 x 2Korea, 2011
Landfill Leachate (+UF)200750 162 x 2Korea, 2011
High Oven (Steel)5,0003001,298 x 2Korea, 2012
Oil Refinery (Process)22520,00055 x 3China, 2012
Finex Process (Steel)5,000200998 x 2Korea, 2013
Digestate (Kitchen Waste)2002,612962Korea,2013
Landfill Leachate (+UF)4002,200669China, 2015
Landfill Leachate (+UF)2002,600432Poland, 2016
Digestate (Kitchen Waste)4004,0001,452 x 2Korea, 2016
Oil Refinery (Process)4830,000172China, 2017
Digestate (Kitchen Waste) (+UF)6702,200500 x 2China, 2018
Bunker Leachate10047,000325China, 2018
Landfill Leachate (+UF)1,6003,600669 x 8China, 2019
Landfill Leachate (+UF)5504,200799 x 2China, 2020
Digestate (Kitchen Waste) (+UF)1783,288480China, 2020
Landfill Leachate (+UF)5003,450669 x 4China, 2020
Digestate (Organic Waste)2621,548762Korea, 2022
Coke Making Process (Steel)2,0004063,744Korea, 2022

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